The first and most important step of our process is the material selection, and to get to them you need to dig through vast mounds of clothing.

It all starts with bales of Mitumba, a Swahili term for the plastic-wrapped packages of pre-loved clothes strewn across Gikomba market.
First, we sort and prep. Silk and leather are always interesting finds, but our favourite pick has to be the ever enduring denim and corduroy.

Next, we deconstruct what we find, taking it out of its current form and offering it a new one.

Finally, we meticulously rebuild, in an expanding range of styles fit for modern mind workers, creators, multihyphenates, creatives, freelancers, solopreneurs, and digital nomads.

For us, upcycling is not a limitation, but a constant inspiration that pushes us to find creative solutions at every step.

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